Friday, May 7, 2010

Toilet Training......... sort of!

Our journey with toilet training began about a year ago when I read "Diaper Free - The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene" by Ingrid Bauer. I recorded some of our journey here and here. After last summer I really slowed down on practicing EC, life got really busy and it just became less of a priority I guess.

This past week and a half, however, Charlotte has been expressing much displeasure in being changed and having someone dress her. She is learning about her own will and how much she can do for herself. She wants to do everything for herself and is very adapt at expressing herself. (I can count 4 and 5 word sentences now... maybe more? She has become quite a talker and it is pretty amazing to me.) However, some of these pushes towards independence left us both quite frustrated and resulted in a lot of crying on her part. So, one of those days, when I just couldn't face another huge fit, I decided that we would try the toilet. Enough of struggling with these diapers, she can pull up undies! I dug out the seat we picked up for free at a yard sale last year, cleaned it off and placed it on our toilet. We already have a step stool so she can wash her own hands, so it's great for the toilet as well. She sat up and voila! She used the toilet!

She did really well for about a week and although didn't always cue us, it seemed as though she would hold it for the toilet if we took her at regular intervals. (When she woke up, before and after eating, etc.) Then a couple of days ago she refused to go in the morning and I didn't push it. I don't want it to be a negative and tearful experience for her.

So we are on the journey... despite my plans to wait after little miss number 2 is born! I guess I was worried about regression and the timing of things. Having to rush Charlotte to the toilet while breastfeeding baby instead of being able to wait a few minutes to change her diaper. Needing the toilet is immediate! But it's summer, the perfect time to train and run around without pants and so we will try it.

Just for fun: my parents bought one of those machines that changes slides into pictures and it will be so much fun to view all of these classic photos! Here is one of me, in 1984. Mom made me this adorable little outfit!! See any resemblance to Charlotte??

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