Saturday, May 30, 2009

camera back, and feeling good!

Finally, I am starting to feel pretty good again. Still stuffy and a lot of head pressure, but much better than before!

Charlotte is pretty much all better, and life seems so much more enjoyable! We had many adventures today, which included a lovely breakfast at Cora's with dear friends, a trip to Stylin Mama Baby and Tot for a new potty, getting the car registered for another year, and a trip to visit my cousin and her little guy!

Charlotte bumped her face yesterday on a shelf, and it was quite horrible. Tim tried to convince me that there will be many bumps and bruises but I felt awful. She is so brave, and loves to take risks, and I don't want to hover and stifle that in her. It's so hard to see them get hurt. I guess there's a balance there, and I just need to take the little bumps in stride.

Charlotte is getting such a kick out of Ava these days. She laughs so hard at her, and tries to grab her toys and throw them. She rams into her with her head and giggles! Ava is very patient... even when Tim puts her in the crib for a laugh....

We received a lovely package in the mail this week from Grammie! A CD, cloth book and new t-shirt for summer! Charlotte loved eating the envelope.... and the stuff inside was pretty fun too!
I have missed having my camera... can you tell? I feel like we've missed important events... like introducing Charlotte to a toothbrush and how she took right to it once I brushed my teeth at the same time and we were looking in the mirror together! She didn't want to let it go this morning... even when I tried to pee her in the toilet - and unfortunately her new favorite object fell in too. We got a new one tonight, and there will be pictures soon! Oh, she does have one bottom tooth poking through!
Here is our new potty! It is the perfect size for her, Baby Bjorn's Little Potty. She hasn't gone in it yet. But, she did go once at Cora's, and twice when we were visiting! I hold her close to me, one arm around her chest and one arm holding her under the knees. Then we face the toilet seat together. I take relaxing, deep breaths and say a quiet "sssssssss". If she goes right away, that's great! If she braces her legs or doesn't go in the first few seconds I take her off and we try again later. It is not good to push it, or be controlling at all. I just try and go with her flow. And sometimes there are accidents, but that's no big deal. She peed on me this morning! It's all part of the process. I feel very in tune with her, and it engages me all day. She is happy to not be wet, and I change her after every pee. We are still using cloth, and I used disposable when we were out visiting today. It's a combination learning process right now!

Looking forward to a weekend full of cousins (Charlotte's) , laughs and lots of fun.

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