Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Plan May 10 - 14

I'm enjoying a bit of a breather as Charlotte went down for a nap this morning, instead of in the afternoon. It's nice to have the break in the morning, as I still feel like I have lots of energy! We had a busy weekend with the fredkid fair on Saturday, date night Saturday night and Mother's Day on Sunday! I volunteered at the Birth Matters booth at the fredkid fair and it was a lot of fun! I was loosing my voice a bit at the end of it, so many people were interested in showing support for midwifery in New Brunswick! It was great to meet so many people and hear their stories. Also, sad at times too, because many pregnant women (or wanting to be pregnant) were very discouraged at their lack of options in this province. We drew in many people because of the generous donation by Shanie Stozek pottery of a large footed platter to give away as prize for filling out our quiz. Thanks Shanie!

I had a lovely Mother's day as well, although my emotions got the best of me yesterday. I felt like I was on the verge of tears all day! Maybe my pregnant, lactating body just needed a bit of a rest. We had a nice lunch together at Issac's Way, one of our favorite restaurants in the city.

So on to the menu plan! Another busy week is ahead, with events going on every evening. So I'm sticking to an easy menu plan this week!

Monday: Leftover enchilada bake with corn
Tuesday: Potato Soup (didn't use last week) and fresh rolls
Wednesday: Chicken Fettucini Alfredo
Thursday: Baked Haddock, peas and mashed potatoes
Friday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with squash (from "Deceptively Delicious") and Tomato Soup

For lunches some of my ideas are quinoa and steamed vegetables; pancakes with sweet potatoes (from "Deceptively Delicious").

Check out Laura's blog for some great recipe links!

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