Monday, April 6, 2009

cloth diapers part 2

The update on cloth diapering...

It's going well! I still like it, but I get frustrated with not having enough diapers that fit well. Soon there will be a sale here, ( so I am hoping and crossing my fingers that I will be able to stock up on some of my favorite diapers.

I still use disposable when we are out. Which apparently is a lot!! I have tried using cloth a couple of times (when Charlotte has already had her big poo for the day) and I am hoping to become comfortable enough (eventually) to use them all the time, when we are out.

I thought I would explain some more about different kinds of diapers.

I have a few fitted diapers, bought used. They are easier to get on than pre-folds, but they still need a cover for waterproof protection. It's like putting on two diapers - not a big deal, but it is quite bulky. I also find it tricky to get the front part totally covered by the cover. If it is not covered, it will leak. I think the reason for this is, the fitteds are a bit too big, and some of my covers are quite low in the front.

POCKETPocket diapers are my FAVORITE! They have an slit inside that allow you to tuck an insert in to absorb everything. They dry easily, and I stuff them right after they come out of the dryer - not a big deal to me. They are easy to put on - no cover needed! Shown above is Ecobumz, I got these used, and they are alright. Not my favorite, because I always need to make sure the fleece part is tucked in to prevent leaks. Also, the velcro tabs are SO long, it is very bulky at the top. Also, there are no velcro tabs for washing, so the velcro sticks to the other diapers. I don't enjoy this!

So this brings me to my favorite diaper so far... the Bumgenius. It is the one diaper we have bought brand new, which is probably why it is my favorite. I'm sure that I will love other brands that have a similar style. You can see the slit for the insert in this picture:

Here is the insert... nice and thick. The diaper comes with two inserts, one is thinner for newborns and a thick one for older babies. There are snaps to adjust the size of the insert.

This diaper is a one-size, which means that it will fit a baby from 7 lbs - 35 lbs. The snaps adjust for the different sizes in the front. (This is different from the blue diaper pictured above. I like the idea of the one-size, it saves you money in the long run.)


I don't have any all in ones, but basically, they are just like a disposable, in that there are no pockets, no covers, you just put them on and go! They are thick though, and could take a long time to dry. They would be the easiest to use.

So that's that! If you are reading this, and know more about cloth diapers than I do, feel free to add your comments! (Or if I have made any errors in the explanations.)

I think the one thing to remember is, cloth diapering does NOT have to cost you an arm and a leg, it can be as simple as picking up used diapers at yard sales, or online. It does not have to be about the latest fad, or having your baby in the cutest diapers. I mention brand names on here, because it is what I have tried and what I know. I can't wait to get out to yard sales in the spring and look around for good deals on diapers. I guess the important thing is trying different options, seeing what works for you, and going with it! More to come on my HOMEMADE diaper sprayer :D


  1. Pamela, my cousin is also a big fan of cloth diapers. She has been using them with her son since he was born in October. I forget the name of the ones she uses, but they are very similar to those that you say are your favorite. She gets them from a local supplier in Halifax. From, Laura Steeves

  2. That's great, Laura! There is a local supplier here too. Hope you are doing well!