Thursday, March 4, 2010

Birthday fun & Menu Plan March 1 - 5

Yesterday was my birthday! Tim woke me up in the morning with the smell of pancakes cooking which was lovely... we don't have a tradition of cooking each other breakfast on our birthdays, but it's a nice one! The morning was a bit rough as Charlotte was up a lot in the night, and fussy, so we were both tired and she was pretty cranky all morning.

After her nap (which she refused to have in her crib, so she snuggled with me!) we made play doh together for the first time! It was a lot of fun... Charlotte loves to stir and mix. She picked out the color too! I thought she might be a little too young for play doh, but she loved squishing it in her hands and rolling with the rolling pin and cutting with her little toddler knife! She was amused for quite a while! Although Ava got scraps of play doh, and really enjoyed them... Charlotte didn't really try to eat it until the end, and I didn't let her! (I think she would have probably liked it!!)

Then we went out for supper at Canon's as you get a FREE meal on your birthday, up to $15! It was yummy and Charlotte got her first own "kid's meal" at a restaurant! (Usually she just muched off of our plates.) She loved her chicken strips and fries! :)

I had book club after that, it was a special evening club as Canada Reads starts next week! (Hurray!) We had to read one of the books that is in the running: "Fall on Your Knees" by Ann- Marie MacDonald. What an unbelievably well-written, and depressing book. The characters are still with me, and will be for a long time, I think. We had a great discussion, and are following it up by listening to the finale next Friday together.

After the book club, I rushed straight to my sister's house and she had a lovely birthday party with our family that lives here in Fredericton! It was so lovely, and she made an AMAZING mint/chocolate cheesecake for me! It was delcious, and I am about to have a leftover slice with some tea :) It was a wonderful way to celebrate 28 years!

Since I missed the menu plan this week, here it is! It was planned on Sunday and I thought of an idea Sunday night.... I asked Tim to help me plan! Wow, did it ever go faster :) I usually ask him if he has any requests for food, but he usually says, plan whatever! So sitting down to write it together was a huge help, and I think that I will do that more often :)

Monday: Shipwreck Casserole
Tuesday: Chicken Ceasar Wraps
Wednesday: Dinner out for my birthday!
Thursday: Sphagetti
Friday: Leftovers

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