Friday, March 5, 2010

Birth Matters

I attended my first Birth Matters meeting a couple of weeks ago now, and subsequently, was involved in the question period in the Legislature the following day! The women and men who are involved in this organization are dedicated to working with the government to get midwifery legislated and in place in this province. It goes beyond getting midwives in NB, to making sure that the rules and regulations make sense and will be effective. It's a difficult process, and a lot of work, and I only understand a teeny bit of it all!

It was great to meet the women at the initial meeting and discuss many things related to the subject of midwifery in NB. It's amazing the inquiries that Birth Matters receives each WEEK from families and women in NB and people who want to move to NB but are hesitant because of the lack of birthing options here. It is important to a lot of people. The government here promised that midwives would be working in Fall of 2009. Now the promise is Spring of 2010, and it is highly unlikely that everything will be in place by this time. There are no midwives currently working in New Brunswick as they had to go take jobs elsewhere.

The meeting at the Legislature was interesting, although extremely long and we were very warm being up in the gallery. I brought Charlotte and she was AMAZING......... one of the mom's brought suckers and she had her very first sucker.... and she was in heaven :)

If you are interested in seeing the opposition question the Liberal Department of Health Minister, click here and it runs from 22:45 to 28:37.

What can you do? One way to make a difference, is to write to the Minister of Health and let her know that having legislated midwifery proclaimed in NB is important to you.

Ministre Mary Schryer
25 William Court
Quispamsis, New Brunswick
E2E 4B1

(taken from the Birth Matters website)

There were a few articles on this meeting in the Legislature, here is the one from the Daily Gleaner - it's a good one! I was interviewed and ended up on CBC radio, but unfortunately, missed the airing! I hope my thoughts were well represented.

And I should note: I did not have a terrible birth experience with Charlotte. It was long, and difficult, but I am not anti-obstetrician or anything like that. I think that obstetricians play an important role for women who have difficulties in labour and have high risk pregnancies. I think that women in NB need options for their care, and that care by midwives is superior in that it is personal - you receive care from a couple of consistent people. Also, you have amazing post-partum care, which is basically non-existent in our current system. Anyway, just my personal thoughts, and I would love to hear what you think!!

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  1. I get that a lot, too! When people find out that I'm a doula and that I'm pro-midwifery, it's often assumed that I am anti-doctor. Not so! I have absolutely no problem with using a doctor when I am sick, but when I am pregnant and healthy, I prefer the personal and nurturing care of a midwife. I appreciate that the midwives I've used expect me to be active and responsible for my and my baby's health, and work with me to find solutions to any problems that might arise. New Brunswick needs to be able to offer women the choice of who their practicioner will be. As it is right now with group practice, it's anybody's guess as to who will be there for your appointments and the baby's delivery. That can be pretty scary and nervewracking for some women.
    Good for you being involved with Birth Matters!