Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Jan 11 - 15

So last week's plan did not go entirely as planned, but that is okay. I am giving myself lots of freedom when it comes to changing it up and going with the flow of the week. The initial planning of it is important as it gives me a place to start and lots of groceries to work with in the house. Flexibility is going to be key this year I think!

Here is the plan for this week:

Monday: Sausage spaghetti with loads of veggies
Tuesday: Pork with rice and asparagus
Wednesday: Shipwreck Casserole (recipe below)
Thursday: Chicken Caesar Wraps
Friday: Homemade pizza
*I'm making Potato soup and homemade bread for a friend who just a baby as well!*

Check out Laura's blog for lots of great menu planning ideas and recipes.

Mom's Shipwreck Casserole

Grease casserole dish. Slice 1 layer of onions, 1 layer potatoes, 1 layer sliced carrots, 1 layer Minute Rice, 1 layer fried hamburger. Season with salt and pepper. Mix together 1 tin of tomato soup with 1 tin of hot water and pour over casserole. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour (covered) or until fork goes easily into potatoes and carrots.

(I am going to try and use leftover rice from Tuesday's meal instead of Minute Rice.)

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