Thursday, September 15, 2011

she's one

Lila Adelaide had her birthday late August. It was a beautiful, sunny day at the lake. We spent our late afternoon and evening hours with family and close friends, swimming, eating yummy food and pumpkin cupcakes.

Oh, how a year has gone by so quickly. It seems in a breath we have passed babyhood (with many difficult days and much crying), rolling, crawling, learning words (Ava, ball, mama and dada), and a week before her birthday, walking! How is that toddling, adventurous, independent little girl my baby? It astounds me!

She is wildly in love with her dada, runs to him and squeals at the end of every weekday. She loves her snuggles and her space, she loves to eat and feeds herself pretty much on her own now. (Using child friendly spoons and forks!) She has a wonderful attachment to Ava and dada and Lila and Ava usually play ball every evening.

My little Lila. I feel as if I've been on this wild journey with you. I struggled through those baby days, and know now that it wasn't you, it was me who needed some help. I learned how to take time for myself, although I still find this difficult. I love getting to know you, you are such a happy, beautiful soul. You are still so attached to me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's the way we need to be right now.

I adore the weight of your sleeping body when you drift off at night. Often I hold you longer, rather than placing you softly in your crib for the night.... I mean, for a few hours till you wake again!
With you, I don't bat an eye at coming to get you when you wake in the night. It's just not a big deal. It seemed like so much more with Charlotte. I was waiting for the "sleep through the night" phase. I've just let it go and it's so much better.

You always smile when you wake in the morning. You want a hug and then to be let down to play. You love to play. Walking has opened a whole new world of exploration and freedom. You love to run as fast as those legs can carry you when you know I'm trying to keep you in one place! (For example at the children's play area at the library, or at the park when you want to go the opposite way down the trail.)

My second daughter, you are a precious gift. You have taught me so much, I love you beyond life itself. I thank God for choosing you for our family.

Love, Mama

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  1. This is a lovely post for beautiful Lila. She is an amazing addition to your already beautiful family. Hugs to all.