Sunday, October 23, 2011

saying goodbye

"Mommy when are Kathryn and Tim coming home from their big airplane trip?"
"But we always used to play at their house and they always used to come to our house to play..."
"Mama, I think Eden is going to really miss me..."


These conversations have been scattered here and there as Charlotte comes to a greater realization that her auntie, uncle and cousin have moved away. We have told her that they have moved, but it is a hard concept for a three year old to grasp. For two years, pretty much as long as she can remember, they have been a part of her life. Kathryn babysat for us while I worked for Tim's company and she had all kinds of special play time with Kathryn, including trips to the park.

She was there when Eden was first born and was in awe of her new baby cousin.

Kathryn and Tim graciously babysat for many a date night and she always had tons of fun playing imaginatively, watering their plants, reading books and baking yummy treats!

And honestly, it's not just Charlotte that's coming to grips with missing her family. It has been a huge transition and struggle for me to say good-bye. Because we do not know when we will see them again. They are headed to Australia! It is a whole new adventure for a couple who loves adventure and travel. I am happy they get to follow their dreams. But I am also sad, and I struggle with worry and anxiety over their move, and for Kathryn, soon to be mama of two! I cherished our time together so much, it was a gift, really. I knew these adventurers wouldn't stay put for too long!

We miss you and we love you!

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