Monday, August 15, 2011

she's three

I find it hard to believe that three years ago I was exhausted, cradling a newborn in my arms and figuring out how to nurse a child for the first time. She was amazing and perfect. A whole new love opened up within my heart, one that I had never known before.

Then she was one, she was walking and exploring, discovering her world. She loved to play outside, she loved the pool. It seems like yesterday we were in our backyard on a sweltering hot, humid day singing happy birthday to my girl who was one!

Then she turned two. There were so many changes from one to two. Tim started the company in the fall after her first birthday. Auntie Kathryn and Uncle Tim moved close by and we had lots of help and babysitting! I was pregnant with baby number two. We were so busy and then all of a sudden, she was a big cousin and then a big sister. And she grew up so much.

Today she is three. Three years old and a beautiful, healthy, determined little girl. She is a big sister, and has her own interests, friends and passions. She loves to make art, she loves to pretend. She loves to be read to, and to then imitate those stories in her play. She loves most kinds of fruit, dislikes chocolate and adores natural peanut butter. To her, the colour red is best. And climbing the roots in the park was what she remembered most clearly when re-telling her birthday party to Grammie. Happy Birthday my sweet Charlotte Wendy! I love living my days (and of course, my nights) with you as my daughter. It is a privilege and an honour to be your mama.

Happy Birthday to you!


  1. So sweet, Happy Birthday Charlotte!

  2. This makes me cry. She's getting so big! You are indeed a very blessed mama xo

  3. What a beautiful baby! And what adorable curls!