Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Art for toddlers

I just came across a post about art supplies for toddlers. I am excited to try some of her ideas! I am not a fan of "cookie cutter projects" as she mentions in the post. We've had exposure to some of these in the mommy and me programs at the library - step by step crafts that all turn out to look pretty much the same. I try to let Charlotte run with her creativity in these as well, and decorate as much and as little as she wants without much direction from me. Although our art projects have been somewhat limited in quantity, I have managed to squeeze in a few while Lila sleeps. Here is a painting project, the goal to make creative wrapping paper for birthday presents! Thanks to Shanie, who gave Charlotte a HUGE roll of paper to use and enjoy!

Charlotte is hard at work, and I try not to interfere but join with lines and circles and scribbles of my own. (Sometimes I try to step back completely and let her create her own work, but as the author mentions in the above article, it is helpful for toddlers to have someone join in and engage with them.)

Our materials are simple: paper, brushes, water and Crayola tempra paint.

The finished product!

And we are not scared of a little paint on ourselves (and the floor too for that matter!)

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