Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The past couple of months have been pretty full and busy! Here are some snapshots of our life:

Charlotte injured her ankle in November, just by slipping on a Ziploc bag. She was back to crawling for a while, but she eventually started walking again after a couple of weeks. It was really hard to have two kiddos non-walking... those with twins, I don't know how you do it!

Puzzles have become a new favorite past-time. This one is a foam puzzle (like a jigsaw puzzle) with 30 pieces and she can almost do it completely by herself! She is quite talented in the puzzle department!

Our Christmas tree expedition was a bit different this year... because of Tim being so busy with work and being away for a week in Toronto for work, we didn't get our tree until late. Then one night around 5 pm we made it out and the people we normally go to graciously gave us a saw (it was getting dark!) and we found one quickly and cut it down. Lila slept in her car seat the entire time and Charlotte was off of her foot at the time and so she was carried/sat in the truck while we got it!

Decorating was fun though!

Christmas morning... my two girls snuggled up in their Christmas Eve jammies! Tim and I both had the flu, and so Christmas was pretty low key, focused on time spent together as a family and lots of snuggles!

We went to Nova Scotia after Christmas and Grampy J. helped Charlotte build a huge snowman! (Tim helped too!) I guess Charlotte insisted that Frosty was not complete without a scarf, hat, buttons etc....

Swinging on the swing I used to use when I was young!

They also built a snow slide which was a hit!

And I made some yummy hot chocolate afterwards!

Happy new year! We are hoping for health in the new year, although Lila just came down with her first ear infection we are not doing so well in that department.

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