Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lila Adelaide

Welcome to the world my sweet second daughter, Lila Adelaide! She is actually two weeks and three days old now, but I must say that life is much more complicated and busy with two children and finding that quiet moment to write is very difficult right now! At the moment, Tim's crew is siding our house and Tim took Charlotte out for a couple of moments to pick up some things in the backyard to put in her wagon. She LOVES hanging out with dad and working alongside him and they have developed such a special father/daughter bond in the past few weeks. Lila is sleeping, surprisingly in her bassinet and will wake any moment!
I can't wait to write out my version of her birth story and share h
er amazing entry into this crazy world! For now, here are some pictures:

Just a day old, snuggling with Grammie.

On our way home from the hospital.

Charlotte looks extremely excited in the last picture, but has had some pretty big adjustments to make as a big sister. I have to share this before I forget the moment. One evening while tandem nursing both girls to sleep, Charlotte looks up, and says to me "I love her, Mama. I love baby Lila." It was totally unprompted, natural and beautiful. Naturally, I tried to hold back the grateful tears that welled up in my eyes and said "Lila loves you too, Charlotte".... She is trying and it is such a hard adjustment, but oh those moments of love are SO worth it.

Be back soon....


  1. Hi hon!
    Have been thinking of you guys a lot and wondering how things are going. This blog was great - Charlotte and Lila will likely grow up to be good friends and enjoy each other so much. Prayers are with you as the whole family adjusts to 'new' life.
    Love you lots,
    Can't wait to get some more snuggles in with Lila and read some more books to Charlotte - hugs and kisses to them both.

  2. Oh my goodness! Lila looks so much like Charlotte. Congratulations, Pamela and Tim! BTW, I love her name - Adelaide was on our name list, too :)