Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Menu Plan June 28 - July 2

Add ImageSo I had the best of intentions today to take some time to WRITE today! And..... I ended up going to Value Village instead as I heard that they had quite a few maternity clothes in! Oops...

We were in town as we had a lovely mom's group out lunch at the Delta. A fabulous place to treat yourself and the babes... kids eat free and the pasta buffet is delicious! I knew Charlotte would be ready for a nap afterwards and had intentions of walking her until she fell asleep and then using the free wireless downtown for some serious catch up in the blog world. I promise... it will come soon! I ended up getting a couple of new maternity shirts... hurray! And some lovely books with their buy two get two free sale. A generous stranger made my trip by giving me a coupon for $10 off too! Charlotte woke up after a bit and picked out a new baby doll and we even found her a knit dress to wear! It ended up being a good (and tiring) afternoon. One of my favorite finds was "Rediscovering Birth" by Sheila Kitzinger. The images looked so powerful and I think it will be a great treat to read and pour over.

So that is quite an elaborate excuse for not getting caught up on writing! Here is the menu for the week:

Monday: Haddock chowder
Tuesday: Pink Pancakes (we didn't get to last week)
Thursday: Grilled sausage and grilled asparagus with rice
Friday: Away on a road trip!

Happy Canada Day!!

Check out Laura's blog - she's having a giveaway this week :)

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