Monday, June 14, 2010

Menu Plan June 14 - 18

I love the new banners that Organizing Junkie has up! Especially this one... so cute. And speaking of her site, don't forget to check out this week's menu plan post. She has a link for Canadian coupons and money saving blogs! I can't wait to take some time to check these out... pennies/dollars saved at the grocery store is worth it!

I'm curious... how do you buy your groceries? Do you stick to one store and primarily shop there? Do you drive around the city to get all the best deals at each store? Do you shop the Farmer's Market for fresh produce? Right now, to save time and lugging a toddler in and out of the car.... I primarily shop at one large grocery store, once a week. Although, I mainly buy our meat at the grocery store down the street as I find it's better, (less full of fat) and usually much cheaper. I would like to start shopping more at the Farmer's Market, however that means planning our meals on Friday for the week ahead!! Don't know if I can be THAT organized :P

Here's the plan for this week:

Monday: leftover vegetarian spaghetti from the weekend
Tuesday: Beef Barley Stew (we don't have a slow cooker, so this is slightly revised... we'll see how it goes!)
Wednesday: Bbq steak with grilled potatoes and salad
Friday: Teriyaki Chicken over brown rice with a green veg

So three new recipes this week.... slightly crazy for me! I needed to mix it up a bit and try some new things! All of the recipes are from Laura's Family Favorites.

Oh, and our desktop computer, well, it has died. Needs much more than a complete re-formatting. It's a bit disastrous for us, since we use the computer constantly for work. Thank goodness for this trusty old laptop from my sister and her husband! We bought it from them back in the fall. So grateful, as we would literally be panicking without it! (Bank stuff due tomorrow....) Thanks guys :)

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  1. I instantly was going to say how much I liked the new banner too! Very nice!

    Suppers look super yummy, I might try that beef barley one at some point. Let me know how it turns out? :)

    AND super sucky about the computer, hope you didn't loose any info. :(