Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been thinking about milk lately. When should I introduce cow's milk? Should I go with organic? Should I research local farms and get it straight from the cow? (If that's even available here?) Should I look into goat's milk?

What did you do?

She still breastfeeds... a lot... and I believe that's best for her! But should I give her something else besides water in a cup?

(Now I need to stop perusing the internet and focus on the kitchen... and supper...)


  1. I dont have children but I know the research that I have done on my own about ingesting milk and know that regular milk off the shelf is a no-no for my own self because of all the added hormones and antibiotics that they give to cows to induce the milk flow. If I do buy dairy products it is from "Organic Meadows", they have a really great website and you can find it in the organic section at SS! That being said goats milk is even better as it is good for people who are lactose and dairy intolerant, which A LOT of people are. So My main dairy intake is from goats right now and I have found a huge difference in my digestion! So all that being said I think I would do the same for my children once they come along.

    As far as when to start.. well, I cant help you there! ;)

    What about diluted pure cranberry juice as another option?

  2. Shanie! Thanks so much for your input. I just did some searching around on the internet and raw milk is actually illegal in Canada. (Very different from the States.) I think I am going to look into goat's milk. And I appreciate the reference for organic milk!

    So funny you mentionned diluted pure cranberry juice! Charlotte has tasted mine a couple of times. Last night I gave her a taste and she made the FUNNIEST face... like it was the most disgusting thing she ever tried!! Because breastmilk is SO sweet I think the sour cranberry taste was a little much. Eventually she might like it though!!

  3. Ya, the one lady I follow for health stuff is a real advocate about raw milk, but like you said you can't get it here :( I use almond milk a lot, its creamy and so healthy for you and unlike almonds it isn't high in fat/calories because it is made by soaking almonds not crushing them. Much healthier then soy which is high in estrogen! This lady also liek hemp milk too, which I havent tried yet, but do use hemp products a lot in smoothies etc..

    Funny about the cranberry juice, makes sense though!

  4. my son had mostly breastmilk until 2 (I actually breastfed until 3). But at 11 months he started on Soy Milk (which I have done research on and the estrogen is high, and it is about everything in moderation). He had about one glass a day when I went to work part time. He preferred vanilla soy milk as it is the most similar to breast milk. At 5 is preference is Strawberry Soy Milk. He occassionally has chocolate cows milk, but can not stand the straight up white milk.

  5. My friend Sarah's son was allergic to milk (not lactose intolerant luckily) early on so she tried a few different things with him. He liked hemp milk the best. He lost a lot of weight on rice milk because it doesn't have enough protien and fat for a growing body. It's too bad raw milk isn't legal here. It's also too bad that Northumberland doesn't produce organic milk in NB, they get their organic stuff from Quebec.

  6. There's really no need to give her anything else in a cup - even 100% fruit juice has a lot of empty calories and tends to fill kids up so they won't eat the "good stuff". Most peds just recommend milk (or breastmilk or alternative) and water for young children. Breastmilk is the absolute best thing you can be giving her, but of course you know that! We don't really *need* to drink milk once we've weaned - we're the only creatures who switch to drinking milk from another animal after we're done drinking from our mothers - very weird. ;) There are lots of other ways to get the calcium and vitamin D that milk offers.

  7. Thanks so much for all of the feedback and comments! We tried goats milk, but her arm turned red which I think must be an allergic reaction. (It went away almost as fast as it came.) I haven't heard of, or tried hemp milk. Heidi, your comment gives me great encouragement! I think we will continue with breast milk as her main source of drink, and give her water in her cups. She hasn't really slowed down in her nursing and it comforts me to know that she gets a lot of her nutrition (and antibodies!) that way.
    Thanks again for all of the helpful comments!