Monday, September 14, 2009

Menu Plan - September 14th

Here we are again... is time flying by or is it just me? DH informed me yesterday that we have a very limited budget this week for food and it's going to be this way for a while as he is starting his own company and this week is his last week of work for his boss. Scary.... and exciting all in one. So I am going to do a lot of research on frugal menu planning and hopefully come up with some yummy meals we all love!

My thought for this week was to use the package of homemade hamburgers in the freezer because that would save money on meat for the week. Tim froze a whole bunch all in one big package, so they all have to be cooked at once (as it was impossible to break them apart). So there is a lot of hamburgers in our menu this week!!

Monday - Hodge Podge (fresh veggies cooked in butter and milk) and bbq homemade hamburgers
Tuesday - Tacos (beef from the hamburgers) with homemade guacamole
*I am making an enchilada bake today for a friend who needs a meal!*
Wednesday - Corn on the cob and more hamburgers!
Thursday - Hot Broccoli dip (Pampered Chef recipe) and chicken
Friday - leftover buffet (hopefully with homemade salsa and chips!)

My goal for extras this week is to make homemade salsa to use up the piles of tomatoes we have for the garden. This will be a first for me, I have never done any canning before. I'll let you know how it goes!

My favorite recipe from last week was the Grilled Honey-Lime Chicken Sandwiches. These were FABULOUS... I would make them again and again. The combination of ingredients made this so delicious. Careful not to over-marinate, it would make the flavor way too strong.

Check out Organizing Junkie for more menu planning ideas! The Pesto Chicken Packets with Wheat Penne Pasta look amazing....... definitely on the menu sometime soon.

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