Sunday, September 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - September 21

It's official!! Tim is done with his former employer and has started his OWN company! His boss put him in charge the last three days he was there, which speaks to the trust and reputation that Tim has worked hard at building these past four and a half years. (The boss was away.) We are all excited, nervous, anxious, overwhelmed... and crazy busy trying to get everything put together. He is working at finishing a few quotes, and is taking these next two weeks to work on our house and get it in better shape. More insulation is needed before winter and topsoil is needed for the yard. The list is endless, but what am I MOST excited about? (Besides a finished bathroom.....) The FREE dishwasher he found on kijiji and picked up tonight! Whoohooo! A dishwasher will be a huge help to me as I find that doing all the cooking and all the cleaning quite time consuming at times. Having a dish washer will really help me have the time to put into the business. I am doing the books, filing, appointments, phone calling etc. It (hopefully) will be a lot of work, because Tim will have a lot of work to do!! The next few weeks are full of appointments, running around, lots of work on the house and getting Simply Accounting up and running. (For some reason, it won't open on our computer.)

Anyway, a well planned menu is key for this week! Here is the plan:

Monday: Enchilada Bake (the same one I made for a friend, it smelled so good in the oven!)
Tuesday: Broccoli soup and rolls
Wednesday: Pesto Chicken Packets with Wheat Penne Pasta
Thursday: Roast in the oven with potatoes, carrots and parsnip
Friday: Leftover Buffet

On Sunday, I made Broccoli Mac'n Cheese and it was YUMMY! I didn't have the broccoli and cheese mix, so I just used plain broccoli with a little cheddar cheese. It was a little dry, so I think I'd try it again with the mix.

Check out Laura's blog for many more menu planning ideas and recipes.


  1. I am so happy you got a dishwasher...every mom needs a dishwasher, I wouldn't know how to cope without mine!

  2. How were the pesto chicken packets? I think I might just have to try that one ;) And yay for the dishwasher, I can't imagine doing without mine now!

  3. They were delicious! I think they would be even better with homemade pesto! :)
    The chicken stayed really moist and the zucchini especially absorbed the flavor really well. Yum!