Friday, September 11, 2009


Today we had our first session of Kindermusik which I won through Kindermusik is a great program, and I highly recommend it for babes of all ages! Check out this site for more info on Kindermusik in Freddy. Megan, our teacher, is wonderful, so great with the babies. The session we are doing is called "Feathers" and there are all kinds of fun songs and rhymes to learn. We are listening to the CD that you get right now! We also got a board book, art banners and a chime ball! Charlotte is quite busy.... the only walking baby in the group, which is difficult, because she wanted to get into the diaper bags more than hang out with me. That's okay, Megan is good at stating that the kiddos can wander around instead, it's just tiring for me! I kinda wish we had done a class earlier, when Charlotte was much younger. If we continue, I will probably enroll her in "Our Time", a class for 1 1/2 year olds to 3 years. (When she is old enough, that is.)

Click here for a banner that you can click on to try a free class!

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