Friday, September 25, 2009

diaper rash

Yesterday I was fraught with mommy guilt. I had gone to the accountant's office for a meeting, came home and changed Charlotte right away. Then Tim's mom offered to help with the salsa I have been meaning to make now for two weeks. The tomatoes were slowly going bad on the counter and I knew it was a good opportunity to get this job done! Plus she had experience bottling things, and I had none (except for one jam experience with my mom a few years ago). So, away we went, chopping and stirring and sterilizing. What a job! (And the salsa turned out AMAZINGLY good, but only 6 jars out of 15 sealed.)

In the meantime, Charlotte was fussy (as she has a cold) and needing lots of attention and love. She also spit up all over herself and me, which required new outfits and a diaper change. When I went to change her, it had been about 2 hours, I was horrified to see that she had been dirty (probably for a little while it seemed) and I hadn't noticed. Her bum was bright red. I almost started bawling as it hurt her to be changed. I held it together (mom-in-law was still in the kitchen after all) and cried that night while giving her a bath!

We have had almost no diaper rash at all with Charlotte, and I think it is probably due to the frequency that I change her. I honestly can't remember the last time we had to use diaper rash cream. I try to keep her dry as much as I can. Plus the cloth diapers help, because I can notice right away when she is wet. (With fitted, anyway.) Ugh, I felt so horrible about this, because of me she has to deal with a sore bum on top of a nasty cold :(

I guess I need to count it as experience and move on. Any hints for dealing with mommy guilt out there???


  1. Oh my sweet daughter!
    How many times have I had that guilt feeling raising 5 girls. Somehow you have to let it go - Charlotte's life was not in danger - just diaper rash and a sore bum for a bit. It was great talking to you today. It sounds like exciting times are ahead for your beautiful family!!
    Love you tons,

  2. Oh, the Mommy Guilt! What I've learned - you can do everything right, and something will still go wrong. You're not a bad mom! Diaper rash happens. So do bumps and bruises. YOu can't prevent all bad things, but it's a great opportunity to teach Charlotte how to switch from prevention mode to fix-it mode. Take care!

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  4. Ooooh... sweet Mommy guilt! There's nothing like it! That happened to me several times with both of my boys and I always felt so terrible. Ezekiel especially had very acidic, non-smelly diapers (espeically when he had a cold!) and he was so prone to rashes. Try not to beat yourself up, I'm sure Charlotte has already forgiven you! ;)