Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pool solution

Yesterday is was HOT. Knowing that Charlotte loves the water, but trying to keep her out of the sun, I've yet to find a great solution as we down't have a wading pool yet. Charlotte has been asking to go outside (today she took her hat to the back door and cried...) and so yesterday we scoured the lawn for some shade. Discovering what we were looking for, I went inside and gathered some toys. Putting my thinking cap on, I wondered what we could use for a "pool". My first thought was her old baby bathtub, but that is being stored at Nannie and Grampie's house. My second thought was a bucket of some sort, but I couldn't come up with anything. Then....... the turkey roaster!! Perfect! It was a blast. The kitchen utensils were fun to play with too. We started out using it as a splash pool and then it was too much... she got in all by herself. I wasn't sure if she would fit, but she did it! It will do... until we get a real "pool" :)


  1. What a really cute idea!! Looks like you, Charlotte & Ava are enjoying the summer. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your creative and new ideas!!


  2. Thanks Jeanita!! How has your summer been? I hope you are enjoying your time with your babe! Soon she'll be one.....hard to believe, eh? Take care!