Friday, July 24, 2009

the spice drawer

One of my organizing goals for the summer was the SPICE DRAWER. It was a disaster. Before, I didn't cook very much, and therefore, did not open the spice drawer very much. And with much neglect, it ended up looking like this:very scary. I know. The organizing process was quite simple, really. I emptied everything out on the kitchen table. I scrubbed the drawer clean. I stocked up on spice bottles at Bulk Barn and cleaned those, and all of my old ones. I also gathered some jam jars to store nuts and some other things.
Then I organized and labeled and ta-da!

I can find what I'm looking for now without yelling and throwing spice bags across the room! The glad container at the back houses refills for the jars. Hurray for organized spices! Now onto the REST of the house................


  1. I did the exact same thing this spring... its funny I could have taken the exact same pictures Its so much better to see the name of the spice on top of the jar instead of digging through bags and bags!! Yay for organizing!

  2. great job! now I need to do that too:)