Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Menu Plan - July 20

I have gotten a little slack with the menu planning lately. Partly because my EI has ended, and so have expensive trips to the grocery store. I want to be proactive and eat a few no-meat meals a week, incorporate more lentils and beans, etc. But I find I am slipping into my old habits of just picking up a few things here and there and throwing a meal together. So, here we go again! This menu planning has got to keep me on track.

Monday: BBQ Steak (DH bought on sale.... SO good) and garden salad
Tuesday: Chicken, Tomato Sauce, Veggie and Whole Wheat Pasta, all baked together in a casserole dish with some cheese sprinkled on top. (My solution for leftover cooked chicken!)
Wednesday: Chicken Nachos with homemade guacamole (my other solution for leftover chicken) and Ceasar salad (with veggies thrown in)
Thursday: Stir fry with pork and loads of veggies, over Basmati rice
Friday: leftovers or sandwiches in the car, on the way to the lake!

Okay, so meat every day...... but mostly it is the leftover cooked chicken from last week that was on sale! Next week will be better.

Oh, the Lentil Brown Rice Casserole was delicious!! I would definitely make it again, and probably double the recipe. (Add more veggies too, and we added more cheese on top.) It made the perfect lunch with a side salad.

Check out Laura's blog for more menu planning ideas!


  1. I love lentil-brown rice casserole. I first saw that recipe in one of the Tightwad Gazette's book. (Oh, I am replying from your comment on Menu Monday!)

  2. Your Wednesday dinner sounds delicious. Do you have a recipe for the guac?

  3. I put the recipe on today's post - menu plan for July 27, posted on July 28th! Enjoy!