Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What have we been up to lately?? It seems like we have been going nonstop, but I think that's because I have to move pretty quickly to chase Charlotte around the house. It's especially strenuous at other houses when I have to catch her before she flies toward the stairs or pulls their glass decor off shelves, or eats their newspaper.... so many adventures!

Hubby was away on the weekend, Friday night supper until late Sunday night. It was a challenge, as he is rarely away. I was totally not used to never getting a break! We kept really busy, and even made a trip to Green Village. I got ice cream and pansies and Charlotte became very serene the whole time we were there. I have a feeling it was the calming music, green foliage everywhere and the calming environment that settles over you when you enter. Maybe I should go more often...

We had some long walks in the glorious sunshine, which Ava enjoyed too. I need to find some natural baby sunscreen... any suggestions out there?

Now we are attempting a second round at brownies (this time, from scratch) and hopefully settling in for a quiet nap. Tomorrow is MVI day and I will be stripping my diapers tomorrow. I still need to post on my diaper sprayer, I haven't forgotten! Also, I have been doing research on Creative Play, a post will be coming!

Time for cuddles....

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