Wednesday, April 15, 2009

8 months old

Some days I cannot believe that God has blessed me with this amazing, beautiful girl. I can smell and feel spring today, and my heart feels refreshed and renewed. I love Charlotte more than I could ever express through words. I am so grateful for this day, and this joy I have in being a wife and mother.

Here are some Easter pictures! We had a wonderful weekend together, and enjoyed a big family potluck.

Charlotte loves to "drum" and he couldn't pass up the opportunity to let her experience a real drum set... (not just plastic containers!) A taste of things to come....


  1. What a precious little girl and a beautiful dress. I was in the nursery on Easter and some of the little girls were very mad that they were wearing dresses. It's hard to crawl with one on!

  2. Charlotte had EXACTLY the same problem!

    She still could move though :)