Saturday, April 25, 2009

girl time

We are another weekend without "dada" as Charlotte now says! The past couple of days she has gotten a lot more verbal and says "baba" and "dada" a lot. Se loves to growl still, this phase of growling has lasted a long time! I'm sure it will pass..... eventually.

She has discovered the joy of opening doors! That just started yesterday...

Since we are "just the girls" again this weekend, we decided to celebrate and have a girl's movie out with at a friend's house. "The Devil wears Prada" was the flick and it was fun! I had seen this movie quite a while ago and had forgotten most of it. These type of movies always open my eyes to my lack of fashion sense, but I love the New York world it takes me too. Someday perhaps we will hit the streets of New York for a shopping spree....

In the meantime... it will be the streets of Freddy for a chilled latte (pour moi) and a Baby Mum Mum (for my girl)...

We found some natural baby sunscreen at a local health food store, which is great. I debated getting the UV cover, but I don't think it would be very fun for Charlotte to be covered by black mesh every time we are out. The stuff I found is called "Badger Sunscreen" and the only chemical is Zinc Oxide, which is the same stuff used in diaper rash cream. Of course I will try my best to stay out of the sun at the peak times, but we will probably be outdoors a lot this summer, and I really wanted to get something that was good for her.

(Second cupping it......)

I also found a BPA free sippy cup for her at a local baby shop and it has a soft spout. We tried one from the Superstore and she didn't know how to suck on it. With this one, some water comes out when it is tipped and so it may enourage her to suck the water out. We will try it, anyway!

Rocking it out in the stroller, with the soother she loves to chew on!

I also picked up some freezer trays with a cover for making my own baby food... I have been using bottled food so far, but now that she is eating more I am going to start making it.

She is so sleepy...

The last thing we did was wander by the market and pick up some popcorn for a treat (for me!) later on. Now we are home and the other girl (aka Ava) really needs some exercise and attention. Soon we will go for a walk, make supper and chill out together this evening. Hope you are enjoying the gorgeous sunshine and t-shirt and short weather :)


  1. t-shirt and short weather...oh how I long for thee. It's still pants, sweaters, and jacket weather here...I can't wait to come home!

  2. I can't believe Charlotte is talking, I can't wait to hear her!! Sounds like you girls had such a great weekend! :)
    What happened to your twitter updates? They've disappeared :(

  3. I decided to delete Twitter... it's a long story! But I may start it up again sometime...