Friday, November 19, 2010

It was a fun one!

Oh what a day!

Starting with painting class, at our local art centre, with a local artist.
The toddlers dabbled with tempera, oil pastels and watercolor, what fun! They painted to music!

Then home for lunch and packed up again to the mall, for a little Christmas shopping (adorable, matching Christmas sleepers on SALE!) and BOGO free holiday drinks at Starbucks. Don't forget a long play time at Chapters... play stove and fridge and doll house! (Who needs to spend $200 to buy one when you don't have the room and you can play with them for free?)

Then pizza "party" (every time there is pizza, it's a party) and carrot sticks...

A huge bubble bath, stories and snuggles before bed. (Charlotte is adorable, she wanted to get a "fresh" book to read... meaning one we haven't read in a while.)

Life is full and fun.
(And tomorrow is "catch up on housework day" with some cutting and gluing and collage making thrown in.)

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