Monday, June 7, 2010

to write, or not to write...

I've been having a bit of a dilemma lately, wondering about continuing to write here. Mainly for personal/privacy reasons. The thing is, I love to write and at the present, this is my only outlet for that! I miss it when I don't write. I miss spilling out my thoughts (however jumbled) to the internet world!

So I'm going to try again, hopefully with a bit more consistency :)

My menu plan is not done for this week, I have been a serious slacker and although have had little plans to guide my grocery shopping, I have not been a great cook for my family. There have been a few days when Tim has done the cooking, and it has been a great break for me. Perhaps I should institute day when Tim is the cook??

We tried this Yummy Summer Salad from SouleMama, and it was amazing! So light and yummy, although Charlotte did not go for the salad, she loved the plain Orzo.

I continue to try recipes out of "Deceptively Delicious" and the only one I haven't loved is her grilled cheese recipe. The "Pink Pancakes" we had on the weekend were so delicious... they have beet puree, ricotta cheese and grated apple in them. Tim was extremely skeptical as the dough looked a bit like play doh, but they were a hit with everyone!

I've been thinking about cloth diapering a lot with this new little one on the way, especially in light of this scary article put out by the CBC. Really though... it's time that diaper companies become transparent with the products that are contained in their diapers. Mothering magazine had a wonderful article about cloth diapers this month and it was inspiring! I am considering putting disposables to rest and switching entirely to cloth. She has been in cloth much more frequently lately and it has been great. Part of my disgust had to do with two disposable diapers in a row putting the little beads that absorb water all over her skin, even without the diaper being fully absorbed and wet. It was awful. Tim shook her pajamas outside on the step and after it rained, the step was covered in a huge amount of clear balls... and they weren't small either. We have registered with Little Tree Hugger for this baby, as we need small cloth diapers for her! We started with Charlotte when she bigger and don't have any teeny tiny cloth diapers!

I must get to some laundry and have a rest while Charlotte is still sleeping! I find that tiredness consumes me and we are both getting over colds right now. I have stopped feeling guilty about having to rest and realize that as the time for this baby is drawing near, I need to take the time to quiet my mind and body and prepare for her birth. I am taking care of myself too!!

Here is a somewhat recent picture of us enjoying the sunshine!


  1. Welcome back! You were missed :)

  2. Love this picture of my first born and my first grand daughter!! And I also love reading your posts!!