Monday, February 1, 2010


It's been a long time since a wrote this post on date night. At that point, Tim and I weren't spending any time together without Charlotte in tow. After a few dates here and there, we finally are in a routine of having a WEEKLY date night. Yes, I said weekly!! I will go as far as to say, I think it is the one thing that will keep our marriage together and strong through the life stuff and busyness that is always keeping us apart. We need to communicate to remain a close couple. It sounds simple, but often, there just isn't time.

So thanks to some wonderful babysitters we have in our lives, we are going out every week. Sometimes it's dinner (one of my favorite dates by far....... no cooking and no cleaning up at home!), coffee, shopping, and last night... a concert!

We went to see Jenn Grant perform last night and it was fabulous. Despite the fact that we had to leave "early" (we stayed for 2 hours) it was so much fun, and so enjoyable. She is an amazing performer and artist. "Dreamer" was the last song we heard before we left, and it was SO good.

It's expensive, going out every week. But I look at it as an investment, and a lot cheaper than future therapy!

So that's what's up with date night. It has changed our marriage. You should try it!!


  1. That's great, Pamela! We all need a date night :) xo Kate

  2. Date night is so important! It doesn't have to cost money, either. Going for a walk, window shopping, drive in the country...there are all sorts of things you can do for cheap!