Wednesday, December 9, 2009

what we have been up to....

I plugged my camera cord into the computer today, and discovered that my picture taking has been few and far between. My folder titled Nov 21 - Dec 8 09 with a total of 37 pictures in it. Here are some snapshots of our life in the past few weeks. Full of family and wonderful memories.

The background is my old high school, we were headed to basketball game on our trip to NS for early Christmas. Charlotte's aunt and uncle (pictured) were headed to South Korea to teach English... little did we know, plans would change shortly....

And they ended up not going and living here for a bit! Uncle /t/ is helping out Tim with his business and Nina is spending loads of time with us and we are loving it! They needed a fridge for their apartment and I have always wanted a full size fridge. (We had a 9 ct. one, and now have an 18!!) I put an ad on kijiji and ta-da! Nina and Charlotte have a marvelous time cleaning the fridge (well, Charlotte did anyway) and there was water.......... everywhere!!

Charlotte is growing up so much. One of her favorite words is "no" and she loves to express herself through words and sign language. She can draw and I gave her a little "writing" book that is similar to my little notebook. She is quite adapt at holding pencils and pens (with supervision of course)!

She has a beautiful personality and although she doesn't talk much in groups, she is a chatterbox at home. She loves to explore and find out how things work. She also asks for a book pretty much every time we sit down to nurse together. (Milk and books go together now!)

We just had the joy of celebrating uncle /t/'s birthday party! (I write /t/ because Charlotte makes the sound for "t" to say Tim's name.) We had a yummy blizzard cake and (my) Tim took both of these incredible pictures!

We are enjoying every moment with Kathryn and Tim and will be very, very sad when they have to leave. But we are not thinking about that, and are thankful for the time we have together now. We share many meals together and Kathryn and Tim are amazing babysitters!!
I must get ready for book club... there are so many fun parties and celebrations these days, I barely have time to post! But I will get back to regular posting soon......... promise! ;)

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