Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Menu Plan December 21 - 25th

Time is flying... I don't know where the days go sometimes. Tim has been working every day and night until 10ish, and all weekend as well. I am somewhat tired and certainly ready to have him home for a bit! Our holidays are going to be a bit different this year. I have been home with my family every Christmas, for my whole life. We had lots of traditions and I really enjoy spending Christmas eve and morning with them. Then we would spend Christmas afternoon, supper and evening with Tim's family. This year, we are staying home for Christmas day! It will be different, but good, as we decide what traditions to keep and what to do differently, changing and revising our plan every year. We will visit my family on Boxing Day. Kathryn and Tim will also be here to spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning with us which will be very special.

Here is the menu plan for the week which for some reason, was really hard to come up with this week!

Monday: We ended up getting Wendy's.... lack of menu planning and busyness caused this!
Tuesday: Homemade pizza, which I didn't get to last week. I will be using this recipe for the crust.
Wednesday: Omelets and hash browns
Thursday: Chicken Fricot (a dish I have never tried before, but was recommended by a friend, and thought I'd like to do something easy and different for Christmas Eve!)
Friday: Christmas dinner with the in-laws

Instead of the BLT guacamole I was supposed to make for the potluck last week, I made the Appetizer Wreath suggested on Laura's blog. It was so easy, and delicious AND pretty! A huge hit, and I will definitely be making it again, either for Christmas dinner as an appetizer, or next year!

Check out Organizing Junkie for more menu planning ideas. And Merry Christmas!

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  1. Sounds delicious Pamela, It is a very common Acadian Christmas tradition to make fricot back home on Christmas Eve, though we call it Bouillon.
    If i might share a trick with you, for maximum flavour in the broth, I usually saute the chicken breast with bone in on low to medium heat until they are nice and golden then add my water and simmer for an hour or so, you will get good broth this way. Once ready to put veggies in take chicken out let cool while veggies cook and then remove meat from bones and add to the bouillon/fricot. It is a bit more difficult, but worth it in the flavour it will add.

    Bon Appetit!!