Saturday, November 7, 2009

Housecleaning with a baby

I came across this great site today on tips for housecleaning with a baby. I feel like our house is a mess most of the time, as we are tripping over our belongings in our tiny space and only a few things have a home... cleaning happens sporadically, here and there. The daily necessities get done (most/some days!) and I try not to stress about it.

These are the ideas on the site....
I have a great sling for wearing Charlotte, but I don't wear her at home very much. I should try it again when she is fussy and crying at my feet! Freezer meals are tricky with our tiny apartment sized fridge with a tiny apartment sized freezer in the top. I can't freeze big batches of things easily, but keep it full all of the time. Lower your standards... well that's not really a problem for me! The problem is when company is coming and I get crazy about having things clean and ready. I totally stress about this and go into perfectionism mode to the detriment of my family! I am starting to use natural cleaners more often and I like using them as opposed to store bought. Accept help...... ah, this is difficult for me. I accepted help when Charlotte was a newborn but I feel like I should have it together by now. Right?

My dream is to have an ORGANIZED house. A house where everything has a home. Where we can pare down our belongings to live in 670 square feet comfortably. I don't want to be so attached to my "stuff". It's not the stuff that matters in the end. My sister is inspiring me as she sold/gave away most of her belongings and her and her husband packed their car with everything they own (except a couple of boxes in storage) and are moving to South Korea. How difficult, and freeing that would be.

I think that organization would lead to easier cleaning and less frustration. Ah, but when do I do this? How do I start? Maybe with one drawer. I think I could handle one drawer..........

I laughed out loud reading this quote on a friend's facebook:

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. - Phyllis Diller

Besides, I think reading books and playing peek-a-boo were more important than vacuuming and baking today!!

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  1. Hey daughter!
    My 'baby' just turned 14 yesterday. The years will quickly fly by - cherish the moments you have with Charlotte. It won't matter in 10 years whether your toilet was clean, but what will matter is the time you spent reading, cuddling and teaching that sweet child.
    Love you tons and can't wait to have everyone together.