Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan - October 5th

Another week. This one is going to be quick, as Charlotte is sleeping, and I have limited time to clean (reno dust EVERYWHERE), do dishes, laundry, bake and work on Simply Accounting. Oh, and deal with paperwork. Of course, blogging comes first. ;)

We stayed at Tim's parent's from Thursday night to Sunday night which was nice, but there is so much work to come home to. I'm trying my best not to panic and type fast.

Here is the plan (some may look familiar as Tim's parents graciously cooked our meals for us while we stayed there):

Monday: Tim is out so Charlotte and I may go out too. Get a fancy salad somewhere or something.
Tuesday: Bruschetta and baked chicken
Wednesday: Enchilada bake
Thursday: Curry chicken and veggies on basmati rice
Friday: leftover buffet

Check out Laura's blog for more exciting recipes and ideas!

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