Thursday, October 1, 2009

Global Breastfeeding Challenge

The global breastfeeding challenge is this Saturday! Find out more info here:

Our local site is the Market, be there at 10:30 am. Click here for more info. If you are looking for your city/town the region list is here.

Let's get together and make breastfeeding public!


  1. How did it go? Was there a good turnout? thanks for posting on my blog... I'm really trying to get into the habit of blogging - it's good for my brain! ;)

  2. No problem :) It is a good writing outlet, when I find it hard to write (and find time to write) other ways.

    The breastfeeding challenge was very well put together and there was a good turnout! I`m bad at estimating, but there were probably 15 moms there... the only problem was, I had to deal with some doggie issues (major separation anxiety while we were staying at the in-laws) so I had to take her home for a bit and then couldn't find parking downtown... so I was late. And Charlotte was asleep. So I arrived right at the time to feed, but didn't officially participate. Ahh... hopefully another time.