Friday, September 4, 2009

homemade cleaners

I have been trying to make cleaners when I find recipes and hear of good ones to try! Here are three that I use on a regular basis:

The bottle on the left is my vinegar and water bottle. I usually put 1/3rd vinegar and 2/3rds water. This is not really from a recipe, but just from suggestions from others. I use it for all kinds of general cleaning! Floors, windows, sinks, etc. I tend to grab it for bathroom cleaning, and for spills on the floor. The bottle was free from the Home Show last year! (from the co-op)

The middle bottle is my home-made wipes solution. I LOVE this recipe, and didn't try any others on the site because this one worked so well.
It is recipe #1 :
2 Tbsp Baby wash (I use a natural/organic one from Wal-Mart)
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
2 cups water

I have to shake it before I use it because the oil separates. I usually wet one of her wipes with water and then spray it a couple of times. The bottle is from the dollar store.

The third bottle is the newest recipe I have tried, it is for homemade eye glasses cleaner. We usually refill our bottle at the eye glasses store in the mall, but I rarely go to the mall and hate to make a trip, just to refill the bottle! So I googled it and found this recipe. Basically, I put 2/3rds rubbing alcohol and 1/3 water. And I used the bottle we normally refill at the store.

***I do not know if this recipe is safe for anti-reflective coating on glasses. My glasses are over 3 years old so I am not too worried about it as it is probably worn off anyway. ***

Do you make any homemade cleaners? Please share your recipes!


  1. I use my vinegar and water spray for just about everything too. I sometimes add a few drops of Dr. Brommer's castile soap when I'm doing the floors because it cuts grease better than the vinegar does.
    And baking soda is wonderful! I use it on baked on spills on the stove or soap scum in the tub or in the sink or anywhere else there's a stubborn stain, I find baking soda works best. Oh and to keep my drains clear I pour down some baking soda and add some vinegar and leave it to bubble for a while then pour down boiling water.

  2. Great recipes Pamela, thanks for sharing! Have you ever tried using bounce sheets for cleaning? They are wonderful for cleaning off soap scum in the bathroom, they have a bit of grit in them that makes it super easy to clean with!

  3. nope, I haven't tried that! Thanks for the tip :)