Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Have I mentionned how much I like menu planning? I love the structure it provides. Gone are the days of scrambling to figure out what to cook and wishing for the money to eat out to avoid both cooking and cleaning! I know what I have in the fridge and that it will be used for a specific purpose each day of the week. I am learning about myself as well.

Last week, I tried to make homemade hummus. I bought dried garbanzo beans at Bulk Barn and pre-soaked them, all ready to go. I had even bought some Kombu (a dried seaweed) from Aura, which aids in the digestion of beans. (You put it in while you are boiling the beans.) I was pretty excited until I tasted it... NOT good! I was so disappointed. (I think I should have only used a tiny piece of Kombu, and perhaps added too much garlic.) I also had another mishap with my lentil tacos, using an un-labelled spice thinking it was cumin. Nope, it was tumeric. In the end, they didn't taste too bad, and DH even enjoyed them! However, I immediately began to feel disappointed in myself, and wondering if I should even try new things at all.

I think that it's been good for me. Not everything I make is perfect, and I have been making mistakes. It is risky to try new recipes. I WANT it to be perfect. But that's not life. This cooking thing reminds me of my thoughts about creativity. It surprises me how easy it is to get caught up in the depths of perfectionism and all of a sudden wondering why I even try new things at all. I do not want to be like that. So today I am re-trying the hummus recipe. This time, with no Kombu to see if that was the flavor I did not like. I am trying TWO new recipes this week! And I am determined to like myself whether I make mistakes or not!

Here is my menu plan for the week:

Monday: Nacho salad (one of hubby's favs now, and SO easy.)

Tuesday: Homemade bbq burgers and potato salad

Wednesday: The Best Spinach Salad Ever (new recipe #1)

Thursday: Leftover Buffet

Friday: Black Bean Quesadillas (new recipe #2)

I am going to make a batch of Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrot and Broccoli for Charlotte (last week I made a combo of prunes and pears which she loves!).

Friday's menu was taken from organizing junkie's menu plan for this week. Check out her site for more menu planning ideas.


  1. so funny, I thought about making hummus last week too! My pressure cooker was all ready to go, but I did not have enough dried garbanzo beans.

    I did not know that trick about Kombu - where do you buy that?

  2. Go Pamela Go :) Nobody o fus is perfect which gives us the oportunity to learn from others and our mistakes! You are an absolutely wonderful imperfect person. Love, Anne

  3. I bought the Kombu at our local health food store. My sister and I spilt the package, because I would never use a whole bag! I think it lasts for a long time though. Like I said, it aids in the digestion of beans and also helps them cook faster and it is supposed to enhance their flavour. Also, it is high in calcium, iron, vitamins A and C, protein and niacin.

    Anne - thanks for the encouragement :)

  4. The Best Spinach Salad Ever really is the best spinach salad ever!! Even my husband liked it, although he did ask, "Where's the beef?!" I love The Pioneer Woman :)

  5. Emilie - you are SO right!! The salad tonight was amazing!! I think Tim was happy that there was bacon.....