Wednesday, July 15, 2009

first camping trip

Tim and I love to be outdoors. We haven't ventured on a camping trip since we got Ava and since Charlotte was born. It was about time! We were invited to my aunt and uncle's land on Grand Lake. They have over an acre, with a little camp. Although we borrowed a tent trailer from Tim's parents (we sold our tent, as we had grown out of it) it was still sort of "roughing it". There is no running water or toilet. (A lovely outhouse though!)

We had so much fun. Charlotte LOVED being outside and she explored for hours. She crawled on the pine needles (which made the ground quite soft) and touched the bark of trees. She played and played and resisted sleeping! Our patience was tested with Ava - her separation anxiety proved especially difficult at night. She was so anxious. I hung out by the bonfire for a while and visited with our family while Charlotte slept in the wrap sling, and then eventually took babe and doggie to bed. Ava did not like being separated from Tim and cried and barked at all the noises. Charlotte slept like an angel. I did not! Other than that, it was the perfect time, with perfect weather. We even went for a swim in the lake and it was beautiful!

Doing her shuffle across the ground

Exploring what bark feels like

Breakfast time!

Ava had fun with the two other dogs, Callie and Mik

Water was always handy - and sunscreen too, although there was amazing shade

from the gorgeous pine trees

the beauty of being on water

Playing beside dad

the camp

cloth diapers drying in the trees

the borrowed tent trailer, it was so perfect for us!

playing inside the trailer!

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