Tuesday, June 30, 2009

she's getting so big

We had visitors on the weekend who have a beautiful almost 3 month old girl. Seeing the girls side by side was amazing... I still think of Charlotte as a little baby, and yet she has grown so much. She is so expressive, and kind of turning into a little monkey, testing all the boundaries. I feel like I am being transformed into a parent now, I need to stop reading books about being a mom to a baby and start reading parenting books. I find myself being challenged in this new stage, and I know it will continue. She is such a happy girl and is so adventurous and social. Amazing to see her personality develop.

P.S. The drool on her dress.... I can't seem to keep up with the drool! She had just put on a new outfit for the pictures! I do love her drool bandanna... thanks SIL!

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