Saturday, June 27, 2009


while my babe sleeps... I am faced with many chores to do and yet, no motivation to do them. So far, laundry has been tended to, and breakfast eaten, but that's about it. Oh, and Charlotte has nursed a few times, plus used the potty a few times. DH is working on a side job building a shed and I am sitting at home, coffee in hand, waiting for the cleaning inspiration fairy to come and visit me.

Our house is teeny tiny (670 square feet to be exact) which is about the same as a good sized garage. There are always piles of things everywhere and even though we have lived here for almost 2 years, some things have yet to find a home. Cleaning becomes a process of finding places for our things to go (sometimes in a box for the basement) and then actually cleaning. Especially before company. Some projects to work on this summer include: paperwork (eeek... that one is scary, and large filing cabinet needed), spice drawer (a long process to find any spice for cooking), and kitchen cupboards and drawers organized. They just don't make any sense right now, and a lot of items are sitting on the counters out of Charlotte's reach and taking up very valuable counter space for cooking.

Anyway, we have some amazing people coming to visit late this afternoon, with a beautiful baby girl which is fabulous motivation to grab a box and begin sorting. Then scrubbing. Oh, and the vacuum too. I guess I just needed a bit more coffee and some writing time to get going. Happy weekend!

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