Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fredericton Family Resource Centre

I feel like I have been going non-stop these days. Really, nothing much has changed, but life seems to move at a faster pace with a crawler. (I realize it will be even faster with a runner!) I have even had a few people comment to me about the fact that I look like I have lost weight, although, I have not worked out in at least a month. Perhaps it's the fact that I rarely sit still! I walk pretty much every day (as long as it's not raining) with the girls. But I miss working out. There is something that just feels good about working up a sweat and feeling those muscles groan. Hopefully I will implement it in my routine once again.

A couple of weeks ago, we started the "Just Me and My Mom" program at the Fredericton Family Resource Centre. This Centre is a wonderful resource for parents of kids all ages in the city. This program in particular is geared towards Moms and babies who are 12 months and younger. We have a great group and I look forward to chatting with the moms every week! Every week they have a guest speaker for the first hour or so and then we have play time. Last week it was on "Baby Talk" and a representitve from Parle-Moi/Talk with Me, spoke. It was a great presentation, and I signed up for their *free* program so that I recieve their e-mails regarding new sessions being offered. There are so many wonderful resources for families in this city.

This weekend was busy, but we got some stuff done around the house which was great. Tim got a few loads of topsoil and we worked on shovelling it off the trailer onto our lawn. The reason we need to put topsoil on...... it's a long story.He had to dig up the whole yard last fall in order to put drain pipe in. However, all of the hard work... worked!! An extremely tiny amount of water in the basement this year. (Way, WAY better than last.) So onto the topsoil and re-seeding the lawn. Who knows when the garden will get in?!? That's another project for another day....

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