Thursday, March 19, 2009

sick baby...

Charlotte is sick... it was probably the reason for such a restless night on Tuesday. It's so sad to see her in such a state. She was alright in the morning (we managed to get out to Mom's group), but by supper she was pretty stuffy. Tim got out the camera out and Charlotte immediately smiled:

She is still pretty pleasant and loves to play when she is sick. She has trouble nursing and staying asleep for a nap! By the end of supper she looked like this:

The runny eyes make me wonder about allergies. We haven't introduced any new foods lately, but I wonder if I should look into allergy tests. After a warm bath she felt much better and had a good sleep last night! Her eyes are much better today, she is mainly stuffed up. We hope she gets better soon!


  1. oh, poor little charlotte, she looks so sick:( I'm glad she had a good sleep!

  2. Poor Charlotte! It almost looks like pink eye on this picture. Hope she feels better soon.

  3. Her eyes are clear today... I think they were pink because they were runny.

  4. It is the time of year for allergies to start up when the snow starts melting and such. Hopefully its just a passing thing though. Glad she is feeling better today. Must be so hard to have a sick baby. :(