Sunday, March 22, 2009

bowl sipping

Tim is much better at feeding Charlotte cereal and veggies than I am. She seems to take a spoon from him... and she refuses if it is from me. Maybe it is just coincidence or maybe she is hungry when he feeds her. Or maybe he is more patient with it! But I have given in and allowed Charlotte to sip out of the bowl. She LOVES this and gulps down her cereal. Some gets on her chin and bib of course, but I gladly fill up the bowl again and add enough milk to make it runny and she gladly grabs hold of the bowl again. She's exploring food and eating utensils..... that's what I'll say for now!
(this is an older picture, now she is very good at holding the bowl herself!)


  1. hehehe! I still drink my milk out of the bowl!

  2. yes, that's right, its 7:30 AM....and I am awake!

  3. haha! I don't know what I am worried about... that she will never be able to use a spoon? You can use a spoon can't you?? ;)