Thursday, February 26, 2009


I discovered this website a few months ago, and enjoy observing moms discuss controversial and interesting topics. There are so many things that are difficult about parenting, but I think that talking to your kids about death is one of the hardest. I have experienced grief and loss in my life and it is inevitable that it will happen again. My first instinct is to protect Charlotte and keep her heart safe, but I know that she will experience loss in her life as well. How do I help my baby go through grief and maybe discuss death in advance of it happening?

I agree with Dana on the episode, I will approach it from a Christian perspective, but I do not in any way have all of the answers. Life is hard. And short. Keeping this perspective helps me realize what is important and has helped me to enjoy the immediate moments in life. (Rather than contemplating the past or worrying about the future.) I will try to be genuine with Charlotte, especially in my feelings and hold her hand through the loss she will experience in life.

This is a heavy one, but prompted me to respond as it is close to my heart.

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