Tuesday, February 24, 2009

babes in the library

Today was our final Babies in the Library class. For now... they are offering another class in April which I think we will sign up for. It is a great chance to get out, play and meet new moms, dads and babies. Charlotte is so interested in [eating] the toys and books they have.

this is the nylon scarf she loved so much

When we arrived today, I took Charlotte out of her seat and smelled something a little funky.... and there was a huge mess on my hands! There is no change table in the bathroom of the library, so on the floor she went. I had to hold her still because she loves to roll when being changed, and tried to maneuver wipes, diapers and dirty clothes pretty much with the hand that wasn't holding her still. Quite a task! Finally she had a fresh diaper, and only her undershirt was dirty (all the while the group had started their good morning song) and as soon as I sat her up she had a huge spit up all over her shirt!! So..... I had to change her again. Gone was the cute outfit I had picked out for the momentous occasion, and on went the sleeper!! Oh, well. We had a lot of fun today! Thanks to the library for putting on such a wonderful *free* program for all the Freddie moms and dads!

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  1. Which raises the question... with all of the child-friendly programs at the library, why ISN'T there a change table?

    My little girl loves Tales for Tots at the library - it's one of her Daddy/Daughter activities. :)