Friday, August 16, 2013

finding words

I've avoided this writing space for a while... since the beginning of January, actually! Almost 8 months and it has completely overwhelmed me to think about beginning to write again.  I've been reading a lot but writing, not so much.  Then I read this post, about the brave ones, the blog updates come in my e-mail.  The thing that I long to do, yet do not do, is write.

There have been many reasons, one being that so much has happened, I do not really know where to begin. I went through a very dark period this winter and I'm not sure what to share, how to process it with words.  I birthed another baby girl, and she is in my arms most of the day (and used to be most of the night) so having two hands to type was impossible.  We have celebrated birthdays, family visiting from away and 9 years of marriage. We made a decision about schooling for Charlotte. I wasn't sure where to start!

If you can believe it, all three girls are sleeping right now! This is so completely unusual, I wasn't sure what to do!  Sleep would be so, so amazing, or I am reading a fabulous book right now for book club so curling up with a book sounds very pleasant!  Instead I washed a load of dishes while making tea and sat down, read some e-mails.  Then I came upon that post and I realized what I really needed to do with this silence, was write.  To fling my words out there, as exhausted and incoherent as they might be.

Our family of five, coming home from the hospital.  Our precious baby girl, Audrey, was born extremely fast, at home in our bathroom. (I will tell the story another time!) She is incredible, so alert and awake, and so very loved.

She has grown so much!  Two months old now.  The three of us enjoyed a couple of hours out celebrating 9 years of marriage!  (Wow, did I just write 9 years....?!)

These 9 years have been full of joy and love, with some sorrow and struggle. I am grateful we get to keep walking it out together.

My first baby?  She just turned 5, with a rock star birthday party, complete with stage, mics and amps and an incredible amount of fun.  Can I believe it?  Hardly.

These photos are just a quick snapshot, but hopefully enough to throw me back into writing again.  Because I think I have a lot to say and just needed a way to start.


  1. Beautiful Snapshot post. It's lovely hearing from you again:) Looking forward to more (writing and sleep) in the future for you!

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed your last post too. Cannot wait until March :)

  3. Love hearing your words and thoughts. I can't believe it's been 9 years of marriage for us either. It's incredible how fast it goes, and what happens in that time. So thrilled we get to be near you a little longer.

  4. I want to be brave too ! And encourage my children to be also. The Lord tells us to be strong and courageous because He is with us. Thanks for being brave yourself! I am inspired and blessed by your words.