Monday, September 24, 2012

summer fun - part 2

I figure I'd better finish up our summer fun memories!  Autumn in here, as I am reminded by our morning walks, collecting "signs of Autumn" as Charlotte puts it.  Although the weather has been deceivingly warm, we were all in shorts and t-shirts on Saturday, it felt like the high 20s out there!

The summer is always full of lots of books for us.  It's no different than the rest of the year, really.  We do love our library dearly and always come home with a bag full of books.  The challenge becomes getting through all of the books before the next trip to the library!

We love play times with friends, I even got to babysit this sweetheart this summer!

French braids with Auntie Anna... lovely!

Lila tried a whole corn on the cob, and loved it.

Daddy turned 30!  We had a lovely birthday party at the lake, swimming, supper and games.  Here we are playing pass the parcel.

"Pin the roof on the house", Charlotte's idea for a rendition of pin the tail...

Two big birthday cakes!

 A spontaneous puppet show!  (I loved their creative use of a car as a puppet theatre.)

Some lovely gifts!

A "fishing buddy": Tim's real life fishing buddy and his son made this for him.  Funny and bittersweet as they were in the process of moving to a different city at this time.

A game of dominoes before heading back into town for bed!

Lila became really confident in her swimming this summer!  The girls always wear life jackets, but Lila was attempting to swim and kick on her own.  

Happy Hollisters and "Goofy Minds the House" were two of our favourite cottage reads this summer.

I think I will have to save the girl's birthdays for a third post.  We did have many lovely photos this summer, capturing our wonderful times with family and friends!  

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