Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday August 12- 19

Menu planning... my new nemesis it seems.  I love the structure of a well thought out menu, cupboards and fridge stocked and ready for the week.  But it isn't happening lately. I plan a bit in advance, thinking of a few things I need to get.  Our meals have been based around bbq, potatoes, and mom and dad visiting and eating with them a lot!  We had a fabulous visit with my family while they were on vacation in New Brunswick.  I will share more photos this week!  Here is one from mom and dad.

So meal planning. I am determined to make some sort of organized structure for the fall.  I think I need a pretty printable to work with, maybe it would make it more fun?  A simple grid, or something more elaborate.  How could I resist smiling fruits and veggies?  Or a simple outline with many different options to choose from for planning. I love these too, but they are weekly. There is a lot out there!

This week is a bit of a whirlwind.  Swimming lessons just finished last week and we spent a good portion of each day at the park for those two weeks.
(My girl with her fabulous teacher and her ribbon!  She learned so much these two weeks, putting her whole face under water now and loving it!)  

However, spending every day in the sun, playing and swimming at the park and visiting Grammie and Grampie lots, playing and swimming at the lake means that I haven't planned any birthday parties.  (Except for Tim's 30th which was last weekend!)  Charlotte turns 4 this week, and Lila turns 2 next week.  Also, our 8 year anniversary is this week.  We packed a lot of family celebrations into three weeks.  So this week, I need to prepare and plan for birthday parties!

Monday: Brown rice pasta, tomato sauce, loaded with veggies and leftover GF sausage
Tuesday: (our anniversary!) Currently no anniversary plans, so maybe potatoes and steak on the grill with garden salad.
Wednesday: Tasty Rice and Beans (from Whole Food Kitchen) with corn wraps, salsa and cheese (dairy and non-dairy)
Thursday: leftovers 
Friday: Lunch Box Noodles (from Whole Food Kitchen)
Saturday: Charlotte's big birthday bash!  Corn on the cob, hot dogs (yes, I know... but they are cheap and easy for a crowd and the GF options taste much better than the regular ones!), salad and Birthday Cake! (Eeek, I have to find recipes and get this underway!)
Sunday: Cauliflower Potato Curry Stew (from Whole Food Kitchen)

I definitely want to get back to whole food cooking.  I also want to eat more salads as main course meals.  Our journey is constantly evolving and going through phases especially throughout this busy summer of picnics and parks and sharing food with family.

For more ideas check out Laura's blog and all the menu links!

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