Monday, July 2, 2012

family connections

This past week Tim's sister, Trudy has been here visiting us from out West!  We love it when she takes the time (and financial cost) to come and see us, it means so much.  I thought I'd share some photos from our fun week together!

Trudy brought little gifts for all the kids which was so thoughtful!  Charlotte received a head lamp, which is a practical and was very popular with the kids.  (They wore them all afternoon!)

Lila with her sweet tiger puppet.

Lots of cuddles and books with cousins!

We went to Saint Andrews for a day and had a lovely picnic lunch, with some attempts at frog catching in the pond!

We loved the touch tanks at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, we spent hours there.

So much to see... Tim wants to catch a sturgeon in the Saint John river when the season opens!

After a nice supper by the ocean, we had a fun time at the beautiful playground.  The girls (and everyone else) loved it!

Our cottage day was last Saturday.  (I didn't get any photos of our family bowling time at Kingswood.)  Tim caught an enormous tadpole!

The week finished off with a beautiful Canada day bbq supper at the Naugler house.  
Janis' table was so festive!

Connecting with family and spending time together is so valuable, I know it sounds overly sentimental... but I tend to be cherishing the time I get with family and friends.  (Could it be because my sister is so far away and one of my best friends is moving?) So the result is you get to peek into this personal side of our family adventures!

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  1. Looks like fun! We love St. Andrews, especially the marine center and that fabulous wooden playground.