Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dunbar Falls: the cathartic woods

There is something about being in the woods.  Completely surrounded by trees, away from the sounds of rushing cars and buzzing electricity.  It takes me back to my childhood, Sunday afternoon hikes, Dad pointing out plants and teaching us about nature.  I wish I had paid closer attention.

Now it seems like a challenge to step away from life, cleaning, chores, responsibilities and step into the quiet of the woods.  I would like to intentionally walk on more dirt paths, duck branches and wade through puddles.  

We went to Dunbar Falls last Monday.  Tim's family had an idea and we all seized the idea of stepping away from life and into the woods for a bit.  A chance to breathe deeply.

The mama carried a 26 lb girl in the carrier I am so thankful we bought, my back wasn't sore in the least.

We made it, the falls were beautiful.  Honestly I was a little concerned about Ava swimming away and getting swept in the current with her new found love of swimming, so this section of the journey was a tiny bit stressful!  (Holding closely to the girls was of top priority.)

Catharsis - Greek for cleansing or purging.

Sometimes the city (albeit a small one) gets into my veins, pushing me to go faster, one more activity, one thing to the next.

Sometimes a little restoration is needed, a little breath.  When did I start to rush around so much?  Where can the rest begin?

In the woods.  Maybe in the woods.


  1. That's one thing we miss about home. The smell of the woods. The Australian bush smells so different, sweeter or something less earthy. Whenever we get back home we will definitely have to spend some time in the woods.

  2. Love this post and this family!! Good memories for your girls don't need to be expensive. I am so glad you can be impulsive at times and just go. Dirty dishes and housework are not going anywhere and can be done anytime. Your girls will grow up quickly so take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with them and have fun.
    Could you send me the picture of your family? I am still trying to replace your grad picture in the hall upstairs and this looks like it might be a good one. Love you all and can't wait to get to the lake for some R & R and spend time with you.

  3. Thanks Mom and Kathryn! Mom, I have an even nicer photo from the family dinner at Tim's house. I'll send you a few and you can pick! I need to ask Win for them. And you are right, we need to take advantage of these opportunities and even try to "schedule" them in sometimes!

  4. Lovely! Krista