Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Menu Plan February 6th - 10th

Today, Whole Food Kitchen began!  I really enjoyed the cooking videos, who knew it was so easy to make almond milk?!  It's going to be a challenging journey for me, but I love the practical tips and support through the community forum.

Here is the plan for the week:

Monday: Split Pea Soup (thanks for the recipe Emily!) and an herb/garlic bread
(I used homemade ham bone stock and ham pieces instead of bacon.  I also ran out of garlic... doesn't happen often because we keep a lot on hand!  But there was fresh garlic in the stock.)

Tuesday: Penne with tomato and loaded with veg using TVP

Wednesday: homemade "fries" (chopped potato with splash of EVOO and dash of sea salt), vegetable sticks with homemade hummus, homemade chicken strips

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: pink pancakes
(making homemade pancake mix)

Check out more Menu Plans and recipes here.
my second attempt at french braids... she loves them!

my little kitchen helpers - Lila brushes the carrots with her "cheese" face!

Charlotte loves to peel!


  1. love the braids, does she have red in her hair?? I haven't really started the whole food kitchen yet because it only came out over night, hopefully I'll be able to get into it this evening.

    Planning on heading to the beach this afternoon, don't know if it's a huge mistake or not...I guess we'll see.

    I also love your family photo at the top of your blog. were actually getting some photos taken thursday morning (Im trying to figure out what we're going to wear...). Anyway love that you're blogging more it makes me happy!

  2. Hey again! Love the braids, love the 'cheese' face, love these girls!! I see Charlotte is getting good use of her 'Christmas' dress. Have a wonderful day!!